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Meet The Head Chef...

Meet our passionate Head chef; Prince. Chef Prince specialises in traditional French classic cookery techniques and methods, mixed with a fresh up to date modern twist with global influences.


He has impressive working experience from cooking in Avignon, South of France and across the UK with regional menu's and preferences.


"Growing up, cooking culture was the main focus in the family home. From a young age traditional French, African, Caribbean and English dishes with big flavours were commonplace in the family household and passed on down the family line. So food was certainty a massive topic". His enthusiasm for cooking drives his passion for food, which he has always loved since a young age.


Prince studied at Leeds City College where he started his professional trade.

We are proud to say that our Head Chef has qualifications and certification in Professional Cookery, Health and Safety and Food hygiene.


He has cooked a variety of areas in the industry from a Nursery Catering Company to top restaurants.  He is proud to be channelling all of his skills and leading with outstanding Nursery Catering Services.




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A selection of the chefs personal favourites. Yum Yum.

Healthy Deserts

A small selection from our rotating menu. I'm sure you'll appreciate whats on the menu.

Global Menu

By creating meals inspired by countries all over the world, our kids have to opportunity to discover flavours and variety for their young taste buds. Encouraging healthy eating is our core value habits that we promote daily. With us, your little ones will receive the nutrients they need to develop.


Some of the many ways we maintain our healthy eating standards is shown by our cleaner greener code (all green vegetables, e.g. peas, broccoli, spinach, kale), which we try to provide as much as we can weekly to serve with our protein and carbs. We also use Fair-trade & free-range products wherever possible such as eggs, bananas, fruits.


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Amazing food and a great service.

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banana custard
lemon sponge cake
chicken _ sweetcorn pie
banana cake
Leek and mushrroms tarts
Beef Spag bolongnese

"Food tastes best from the freshest produce. This is important to me, as I believe every meal should be an experience to be savoured.

I will always choose Fairtrade and organic whenever possible. 

This is something I am very passionate about”

– Prince Teya